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Research - Project More

Project MORE’s Independent Research and Evaluation

A Volunteer-Tutoring Program in Reading:  Examining the growth in reading achievement of elementary grade Students with SLD in a tutoring based intervention – Published 2015 – Click here to read it

A Tutoring Program in Reading: Examining the Growth in Reading Achievement of Elementary Grade Students with Dyslexia – Published 2015 – Click here to read it

Project MORE’s independent research and evaluation has been published in the December 2007 issue of Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities
[Click Here to download PDF Copy]

Project MORE 2007-2008 Evaluation Report

Project MORE 2004 – 2005 Research Article
Project MORE Brief Evaluation Summary 2004 – 2005
Project MORE 5 Year Evaluation Summary

Dr. Rich Wilson-“It adds another effective dimension to the delivery of special education services”.  Re. Response to Intervention (RTI)- Project MORE makes for an effective Tier II or Tier III Intervention. Project MORE really brings the community into schools.

Dr. Stacey Rychener- “For Project MORE to be scientifically based reading research gives evidence and validation for teachers to use the program with certainty that it works for students with disabilities.  Many programs that are SBRR have based their studies on general education students, whereas Project MORE specifically looks at students with disabilities.”